Recycled & Environmentally-Friendly 3Rs LAB Bedding

3Rs LAB bedding is made from >99% recycled paper and utilises no virgin material and no additives or chemicals. As a recycled product, it saves landfill space, saves energy, reduces pollution and uses less resources than virgin material.


3Rs LAB Basic Bedding3Rs LAB Premium Bedding

Laboratory bedding market research

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Trials carried out in both the UK and overseas have identified significant benefits of 3Rs LAB in the following areas:

  • Superior odour control properties
  • Non-toxic
  • Improvements in animal welfare
  • Excellent absorbency rating
  • Easy to use
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for most bedding dispensers, vacuum and automated cleaning systems

These unique and more advanced characteristics of 3Rs LAB contribute greatly to a higher-quality micro environment for the animal and a healthier and more comfortable environment for staff.

These characteristics manifest themselves by:

  • Longer intervals between cage changes
  • Minimal respiratory irritants
  • Minimal ophthalmic irritants
  • Lower ammonia levels
  • Lower endotoxins and coliform levels, suggesting that paper pelleted beddings may be preferred when endotoxins are a concern such as during immunologic respiratory or inhalation studies.
    Ref. Blom HJM 1996 Lab Animals 30 234-244
  • Reduced aggression

Health & safety – cage bedding for labs

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The unique and superior qualities of 3Rs LAB’s cage bedding contributes to better health and safety, a better environment for the animal and staff, and less frequent cage bedding changing routines.
These qualities also ensure a safe product which is ideal for most bedding dispensers, vacuum systems and automated cleaning systems.

  • Very low dust level:
    • Uniquely formulated pellets have minimal breakdown qualities and retain their shape even when wet.
  • Non-toxic
  • Naturally high absorption qualities:
    • Effective and long-lasting.
  • Excellent natural odour control properties
  • No additives or coatings:
    • No acid or alkaline bleaches added (including chlorine, oxygen-based and elemental bleaching);
    • No anti-clumping coatings;
    • No absorbent gels, perfume or scent additives;
    • No bulking agents.
  • Bacterial, viral, and parasitic organisms are eliminated during a number of stages, with exposure to temperatures of up to 145°C during the production process (see data) at point of manufacture.

Low endotoxin & coliform levels in bedding

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  • Significantly lower levels of endotoxins <0.0001 than other bedding forms;
  • Lower levels of coliforms <0.001 than other bedding forms.

These findings suggest that paper pellet beddings may be preferred when endotoxins are a concern such as during immunologic, respiratory or inhalation studies. Ref. Blom H.J.M 1996 Lab Animals 30 234-244

Easy to use, clean & dispose bedding

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Your technicians and support staff will delight in the ease of use of 3Rs LAB.

  • Very low dust levels
    • Less tracking, scattering and spread
    • Minimal respiratory irritants for staff
  • Used bedding does not stick to scoops or cage floor
    • Easier and faster to keep clean.
  • Compatible with most bedding dispensers and automated cleaning systems.
  • Natural absorption qualities of paper
    • Keeps the housing area dry
    • Minimises odour without the use of chemicals or additives
  • Biodegradable
    • Decomposition at a managed facility
    • Incineration
  • Weight per volume
    • Low

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